How can I request a specific photographer?

Ashley Hinerman
Ashley Hinerman

Yes, you absolutely can request a specific photographer and we will do our very best to make sure that photographer is assigned to your shoot. The best place to make that request is via the "Special Requests" field of the Order Form.

We recommend booking your appointment a week or more in advance to increase the likelihood that your photographer of choice is available.

Please note that scheduling options may be limited if you are only willing to work with one photographer, and rescheduling the original appointment may hinder our ability to assign your preferred photographer.

At Open Homes, we pride ourselves on having an amazing team of talented and professional photographers. While we understand that some of our partners may have their preferences, we work very closely with our visual artists and there are no weak links on our team!

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    I would really would love if I could get Juile THANKS!


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