Do you provide "As Built" floor plans?

Julie Tapia
Julie Tapia
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We are not able to offer 'as-build' floor plans. Our floor plans are approximate and to be used for marketing purposes only. 


Our floor plan drafters follow ANSI standards, and while our floor plans are fairly accurate, they are primarily diagrammatic and intended to show the layout of the structure. 


The square footage estimates should not be taken as authoritative or conclusive. All measurements are approximate and may not be exact. The estimated square footage should not be relied upon when determining the price of property or making decisions regarding buying or selling of properties without independent verification.


Open Homes Photography expressly disclaims any liability for reliance on the measurements by any real estate professional, buyer, seller, or any other third party using the Services.  Buyers are to be held responsible for the accuracy of square footage, and as such should confirm with the sellers about the exact accurate measurements of any floor plan.

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