How do I Upload My Assets to Instagram?

Jasmyn Louis
Jasmyn Louis
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This article will cover how to upload assets to Instagram. If you still need to download your completed assets from Atrium, please check out this article. 

We also have a complete Success Guide to Social media here. 

Download the Instagram app to your mobile device. 

Sign Into Your Account: 



Upload a Single Photo:

  1. Add Media: On the top right-hand corner click the "+" plus sign to add media. 
  2. Select Your Image: The recent images from your phone's photo library will appear. Select the image you'd like to upload. 
  3. Adjust the Image: by zooming in and out (pinching your phone's screen to make the adjustments). Click "Next" once you're done. 
  4. Filters and Editing: You'll be given the option to add filters or edit your photos, you can skip this step! Your photos from Open Homes have been processed and are ready to go. Select "Next" again!
  5. Customize Your Post:
    • Write a Caption:
    • Tag People: Tag your team, brokerage, stagers, or even us (@openhomesphotography)! 
    • Add Location:
    • Add Music: This is a new feature, add music to help set the tone.
    • Linked Accounts: You can post the same post to multiple platforms if your accounts are linked (Facebook and Instagram go hand-in-hand). 
  6. Share Your Post: Select "Share" in the top right corner. The photo will begin posting. It will then appear in your feed and on your Instagram profile.  

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