How Can I Share My Social Media Posts with Open Homes?

Jasmyn Louis
Jasmyn Louis
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We love when our partners share posts with us online! You can do this by "Tagging" our account or adding us as a post "Collaborator" on Instagram. 


What is "tagging" on social media?

Tagging another user or account on social media is the act of including that user or account on your social media post. This is usually done by using the "@" symbol followed by a username. You can tag Open Homes on Instagram and Facebook using @OpenHomesPhotography. 


How do I add Open Homes as a collaborator on my Instagram post?

1. Start a New Post

Begin your post like normal. Select a photo or video from your phone's library. 




2. Write your caption. Select "Tag People".



3. Select "add tag" or "Invite Collaborator. 

  • Adding a tag will mention Open Homes on your post, but the post will only appear on your feed and to your audience. 
  • Adding a collaborator will make the post appear on your account's feed and it will appear on our Open Homes feed (and to our audience). 




4. Search for @OpenHomesPhotography and select our account when it appears. It should now show as a tag on the image, and it'll name us as a "Collaborator".

Select "Done" if you're done tagging users. You can tag multiple people in a post (stagers, co-listers, designers, etc). 




5. Review your new post and see everyone tagged in the post below the caption. 



How do I know if the collaborator feature is successful?

When you review your post it will appear as "@InstagramUserName and @OpenHomesPhotography"


IMG_3321.jpg IMG_3324.jpg


Why should you tag other users on social media?

It allows you cross-promote your content and get your messages out to a larger audience. You can also tag other users to give them credit for their content. 


Check out a more in-depth guide on our blog: A Realtor’s Guide to Social Media


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