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Jeff Klein
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Due to iOS security measures, "click to download" is not an option on iPhone. You must first open the video, which will usually happen in Safari Browser, then Save it to your "Files." After saving it to Files, you can then move it to your Camera Roll.


Part 1: Save photo or video to Files

  1. Click Download on the video you want from the Atrium Media Manager
  2. Once the video opens, you can watch it, then to download click the Share button and the bottom of the Safari Browser (iOS15 and later) 


  3. Scroll down and click "Save to Files."


    1. Pro Tip: Create new folders for different listings to help manage files. And if you have iCloud storage, you can sync all your content!


Part 2: Save photo or video to Camera Roll.

Where is my iPhone Files app?

  1. Go to your phone's Files (
  2. Find the photo or video file you just saved from above
  3. Click on the video and open it in the player. Then Click the Share icon
  4. Click the "Save Video" to share it to your iOS Camera Roll. 
    1. Note that if you want to upload it to other services like Vimeo you will see these options on this screen if you have the apps installed. 


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