The 3D Matterport link no longer works. What are my options?

Ashley Hinerman
Ashley Hinerman
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If the matterport link no longer works, that means the scan is older than 6 Months. If you'd like to keep you Matterport Scan active, we can renew it for an additional 6 months for $75. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to save/download matterport scans. The only workaround would be to do a video screen recording.

Alternatively, you can create your own matterport account and we can transfer your matterport scan to your own paid account.  Click Here for prices, we recommend the Starter subscription. Once your subscription has started, please email the email address associated with the matterport account.

Please email support@ if you would like to re-activate or have any additional questions about the property matterport scan.

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