What is a video voice-over/agent interview and how do they work?

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A video voice-over/agent interview is your opportunity to provide narration for your Open Homes video tours. This is your chance to speak about key features and selling points of the home you're promoting.

How does it work?   

  1. The process will begin with us completing your video shoot. 

  2. We'll send a video back to you within 24-48 hours of the time processing for you to review and request any changes if needed.

  3. After you've reviewed your video and confirmed no additional edits are needed you can create a voice recording. Many agents prefer to use their phones for this.

  4. Once you send us the voice recording we'll match the narration to the video and send your video back over within 24 hours. 

Agent Interview with a voiceover:


Agent Interview Examples: 




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