What’s the difference between Professional Floor Plans and Matterport Floor Plans?

Max Wickham
Max Wickham
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At Open Homes, we offer a few different types of Floor Plan options in order to meet our clients' different needs, budgets, or aesthetic choices.

Our “Professional Floor Plan” service, which is the commonly known drafting service, includes sending out a qualified and highly trained draftsperson to your property to physically take measurements in person using precision measuring tools. This service is completed in accordance with ANSI standards, offering very accurate renderings of the property. These plans also include dimensions (room sizes) and square foot calculations free upon request, as well as fully measured non-living spaces (such as closets, decks, etc..) by request. Please note that we charge for what we measure, so non-living space calculations have the potential to bump the Floor Plans service into another pricing tier. 

We also offer a “Matterport Floor Plan” service that can be generated from Matterport scans. Because these are derived from camera scans and not precision measuring tools, they are not based on the same ANSI standards.

Floor Plans derived from the Matterport scan cannot have dimensions or square footage added due to the camera’s inability to guarantee accuracy. These plans are more so a “marketing schematic."

As a low-cost add-on to our Matterport service, these are still a perfect marketing tool to give potential buyers the lay of the land, so to speak.

While these plans DO NOT include measured closets, other storage rooms, or non-living spaces, you can add on any additional “detached” space needed to these plans (such as decks, garages, and some other spaces) for $50 per additional scan, by having the Matterport artist specifically scan those areas.

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