Why is my order total TBD?

Jeff Klein
Jeff Klein
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When certain order or property conditions exist, we often need to gather more information about the property to provide accurate pricing, so we list the total price of the order as To Be Determined (TBD).

These are most often because of characteristics like size (square footage or land), property types, or selected product attributes.

Note that in a majority of cases we attempt to save you money rather than scale our tier based pricing model based on the property info.


Most common reasons you may see "TBD" pricing:

  • Selecting to measure non-living space for Floor Plan Drafting (county records don't include this)

  • A site plan over 25k sq feet (we convert to hourly to make it equitable and often save you money)

  • If the property is a Multi Unit, Lot, Commercial, or Mixed-Use (could be hourly OR by unit sq ft)

  • Commercial Floor Plan Drafting (Standard pricing is $/sq ft, but doesn't make sense for empty or simple warehouses)

  • Commercial building (typical photo counts don't apply)

  • Commercial packages over 5k (these spaces typically have lower room counts, but larger spaces)

  • Any Print Products over 500 units

  • If you are an interior designer, architect, or contractor looking to art direct and use for commercial use

 In most cases we are trying to make the services more equitable and save you some money. If you need a prepared quote for our services, please reach out to us!

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